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Ian Maratos
03 9570 3128
03 9570 3128
At 53 I noticed my teeth and smile were deteriorating rapidly. Through recommendations and several hours searching the internet I came across the Cosmetic Dentists of Australia web site and learnt how this group of dentists have all been trained at one of Americas Premier Dental Training Institutes, the Las Vegas Institute of advanced dental studies. I chose one of these CDA dentists to give me a New Smile makeover, and since then I have never smiled with so much confidence. My new smile changed my life…. I did it….. Why don’t you.?.


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Ian Maratos
To ask our friendly reception staff
a question or to make an appointment.
Or phone: 03 9570 3128
Address: 676 Centre Rd East Bentleigh, VIC 3165

Welcome To DesignDentistry

Rejuvenation and reinvention are just around the corner with DesignDentistry.

Being self conscious of your smile can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. DesignDentistry is enthusiastic to provide clients with the very best dental treatments and services. Through our range of dental treatments we can help you transform your quality of life – heightening your confidence and aesthetic satisfaction.
Our Practice
DesignDentistry is a contemporary dental practice, focused on the art and science of enhancing your smile. We care for your teeth, cosmetically and functionally, and are dedicated to helping you recapture the smile you once had, or the smile you have always desired. We provide the most current information, to educate you about everything that is possible in dentistry today.
Our Treatments
We offer a full range of General and Cosmetic Dentistry services to keep your mouth healthy and looking spectacular. We even look after those dreaded dental emergencies, so you can maintain peace of mind at all times.
We emphasise a ‘whole-of-life, whole-of-body’, integrated approach to dentistry. We can explore the interconnections between dental health and total body well-being, and the relationship of your musculoskeletal system and the way your teeth and jaws fit together.
We take a keen interest in Children’s Dentistry, to ensure that good dental habits start early. We can also diagnose and treat clients who suffer from persistent headaches and sleep issues. A healthy smile is a healthy body and therefore allows you to keep a healthy mind.
Your Comfort
Throughout your visit we will make you feel completely at home. Our team will ensure every step is taken to make you feel pampered and at ease. All of our treatments are completed to the highest standard and your comfort is maintained throughout.
Our Team
Led by Dr Ian Maratos, an experienced practising dentist for over 25 years, our dedicated and talented team of dental professionals ensures that your experience is memorable and enjoyable. We love to see how our treatments can lead to positive changes in self-confidence and self-esteem for our clients. DesignDentistry is interested in discovering ways that we can optimise your overall health, in partnership with you and your other health professionals in all disciplines.

Situated in the heart of Melbourne, DesignDentistry is at the forefront of General and Cosmetic dentistry services. We will work with you to achieve the results you desire. DesignDentistry looks forward to caring for you, soon. Contact us now for your obligation-free consultation.

Australia’s Premium Dentists

The dentists listed in Leading Dentists of Australia are some of the most highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced dentists in the world.

There are few Australian dentists qualified in advanced Cosmetic and Neuromuscular dentistry from intensive hands on clinical training at the World.s leading dental Institute for Advanced Dental Studies based in the USA. LVI Global.

Whether its a simple filling or leading edge cosmetic dental work, selecting the right dentist is perhaps your most important decision

Cosmetic dentistry is not taught in dental school. While some dentists promote being a cosmetic dentist, dental procedures have the potential to change the structure and alignment of teeth and jaw which can cause problems now, or in the future.

The dentist you choose should be experienced in the principals of Neuromuscular dentistry. Today less than 1% of Australian dentists have received advanced post graduate courses in these skills.

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